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dottydottyscore:3.8 / 52024-01-02
That's a word number patch
e01411075score:5.0 / 52023-12-24
Yes, it's coming again. It's still as clean and comfortable as before.
aiwu_wonscore:2.5 / 52023-12-16
The hotel is decorated luxuriously, but it requires a quiet non-smoking room when booking. Call the hotel 2 hours before arrival and tell it to be quiet. Check in and put forward a quiet room for the third time. The answer is good. When I entered the room, I smelled a smell of smoke, and the music of square dance downstairs was deafening. I immediately called the front desk. The front desk repeatedly promised that there would be no music in the morning, and was awakened by the deafening music downstairs less than 8 o'clock the next day. Is that how five stars treat their guests as fools? Lie and boast to the guests again and again. Instead of lying, won't you install double-layer vacuum sound insulation glass? Before dawn in the morning, there were guests shouting in the corridor, waiter. Breakfast is very simple. It can't reach the five-star standard at all. The price has reached the five-star standard. Environment: the music downstairs is deafening, which seriously affects the rest. If I can give 0 point, I will give 0 point. Service: cheat the guest and lie to the guest must be given 0 point. Equipment and facilities: no double-layer vacuum sound insulation glass, gave 3 points. Conclusion: I can't live in this hotel. I couldn't bear to change the hotel the next day.
llttxxscore:4.8 / 52023-11-30
Very good overall, very comfortable
fairywfscore:5.0 / 52023-11-10
The evening buffet on the fourth floor of the hotel is very temporary!
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